Friday, September 14, 2012

Trash packs are the new Squinkies.  These squishy little toys are trash with cute names.  Unfortunate cookie, Grott Rocket and Trash cat are just a few of the names of the "Trashies".  There are two series of Trash packs out right now with a third one soon on it's way!.  My son loves to collect the Trash Packs.  Each Trashie comes in a little garbage can.  The figures can be placed in some of the Trashie Toys such as a garbage truck, trash bin or giant garbage can. Now these toys may sound unappealing and a little bit gross but my son loves them!  He looks at the detail on each one and lines them up!  He even asked me to take his picture with his Trash Packs and post them on the Trash Pack Facebook page.

Speaking of webpages, Trash Packs have their own webpage with a listing of all the Trashies.  You can sign in and check off what Trashies you have in your collection and what Trashies you want in your collection.  But my son's favorite part of this website was smacking flies with the fly swatter!

The Trashies are evolving!  Now there are smelly Trashies, and Trashies that dissolve out of their scum, in water.  And I believe there are glow dark Trashies too.

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