Thursday, September 13, 2012


Squinkies are tiny squish-able characters that my son just HAD to have.  They come in collections and and different character sets.  My son's latest Squinkies are Spongebob.  He has been more interactive with these toys than the other ones since he likes Spongebob so much. He makes the characters talk to each other and walk around.  He was really enthralled with the Skull Crystal Castle Squinkie holder.  He thought that was the greatest thing ever!  The concept is the same as a Gumball machine.  He enjoyed the fact it had secret compartments and that you can put a dime in to get a Squinkie out!

I have used Squinkies as a reinforcer for good behavior.  In case you did not know this is what they were intended for.  If my son were to listen to me all day without me repeating myself I would let him grab a Squinkie out of a bag .  This reinforcer worked for a while as he was so excited to get a new toy. ( and yes, he did listen to me!)

The novelty of these toys seemed to wear off just as he got his little Crystal Skull Squinkie dispenser filled up.  But I need not worry as my son was soon asking me for Trash packs!

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